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Lucky Four in the Service of the King

At the end of January 2013 in Czech Republic there will be the premiere of the film Lucky Four in the Service of the King. These four characters, born in the late 60’s as comic strip heroes (created by Jaroslav Nemecek), are old childhood buddies of almost every Czech and have been also my companions for the last year or so. This time the lucky four friends help King Rudolf II solve the big troubles he got into because of his quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone. I’m very happy that I was part of the team that animated this feature, in a country which sneaked into my heart five years ago. The love story continues.


Show time

So…I put together a showreel, compiling some of the work that I did so far. I can’t help thinking that this is always going to be “my first showreel” and in some years I will watch this humble beginning with tears in my eyes…but maybe, having lost the pleasure of seeing sadistic things, it would be because of the poor bug. Meanwhile…HAHAHA!

Last Minute Offer

Bad day at work

I liked this “auto theft suspect” story, so I continued working on the animation of the main character in order to improve my skills. I post this now, not because it’s finished (I came to terms with the feeling that this might not happen). It’s more because I’m in that point where I can’t press play to hear this soundtrack again. But you can do it for a change! 🙂

Dr. Fraud

The Sprout Resurrected..not

The Sprout returns with a complete illustration of a poem I wrote some time ago about his life. But is this really HIS life? Aren’t we all (to some extent) a sprout inside? So, in the spirit of the Facebook tests wanted by all the social networks junkies, I ask: how much of a sprout are you?

Here you can find the Romanian version: http://www.vimeo.com/12767451

Impossible is nothing

This is a story I came up with in Zlin, being motivated by the message “Impossible is nothing” that I read on a T-shirt. I teamed up with Beste and produced this cartoon that most people found it disgusting and cute in the same time. In the end I proved that there is not at all impossible for a very green and passionate mucus that slides sometimes from your nose to make out with an obscenely over-chewed gum.