Bad day at work

I liked this “auto theft suspect” story, so I continued working on the animation of the main character in order to improve my skills. I post this now, not because it’s finished (I came to terms with the feeling that this might not happen). It’s more because I’m in that point where I can’t press play to hear this soundtrack again. But you can do it for a change! 🙂


The Inappropriates

Last week I visited Primola Chocolate Factory. And it smelled great! The visit became more and more exciting as we were getting closer to the end of the production process and all those small windows through which everybody was trying to catch a glimpse of hundreds of peanuts, chunks of cacao and strolling candies, disappeared.

Before actually getting out of this whole process, which takes in total 30 hours, the chocolate passes through two filters: one scanning them to see if they are the right shape and matching some other parameters and the last one where the product is scanned to see if there are some bits of metal left inside. It’s like in the airport: if it beeps, it’s not good and the candies and biscuits are immediately sent away and named technological waste.

Then we went to see how the cookies are made. Hundreds and hundreds of biscuits were rolling over our heads on these suspended highways and all I could think of is how Adi, the ultimate biscuit fan, would hi five all the biscuits in sight and then…eat them all, how else?! What would he have done if he had been there with me? Maybe steal one cookie? No, he is much too ethical. Maybe take a picture of himself with this biscuitish background? No, pictures were no allowed inside and this relates to the first point too. Maybe throw himself on the production line, refusing to come home? Fuck the rules! Plausible…

This train of thoughts was interrupted by the explanation of our guide, (Domnul Ciocolatescu in Romanian) Mister Chocolateson, pointing to a square mirror, hanging on top of the production line.

“This is like Big Brother! It tells us if there are any broken biscuits or biscuits in wrong positions. It tells us where they are and in which position we will find them”. Oooh…and this was the starting point for: “The Inappropriates!”

Nasty twins on duty

This is my submission for last month’s competition on I started to work on this dialogue a bit late. This is what I did last week.

The design and the rig is done by Victor Vinyals (


Dr. Fraud

things dogs do in a garden

This garden was listed among the “must see” places in Aix-en-Provence. But personally all I could see was this. Do you think they thought about the same thing when they designed it?

Who cleans after us?

This is a short film that I did for my final exam for the Visual Anthropology course. Sanda has been working as a cleaning lady in my block for the last three years. Even if I saw her almost every morning when I walked my dog, the conversion never went further than a polite “Good morning”. It is only recently that I asked her if I could film her at work. So I found out her story. She lived in the countryside, she had five children one after another, she didn’t have any professional qualification, so she began her career when she was 50 years old, after her husband died, her children left and she found herself home alone. This job is common for the women in her neighborhood and for those in a similar situation to hers. At her workplace she mostly interacts with the president of the block committee, who is her direct boss, and with the men who come to take the garbage away.

Speaking of these men, one thing that struck me was their attitude when I tried to film them. They thought they are not people good to be filmed, that they are not doing something worthy to be shown. After a while I saw a news report on why the Danish are the happiest people on Earth. There was one Danish expert who argued that they are not people to experience orgasmic happiness (which also implies the existence of morbid unhappiness), but they live their lives in a state of satisfaction that doesn’t fluctuate too much. And I must agree with this: people are not burning with passion there. Another sociologist said that it is because they believe that no one is better than the other, so one is not convinced that he has to be a lawyer or a doctor to succeed in life. In fact, I think this goes hand in hand with another expert’s opinion who said that Danish people don’t have high expectations (understood as having a big house, a monstrous car, perfect children, an aseptic dog and a forever ascending career?), so the deception of not getting there is not that sorrow.

In fact, in the TV report below is given this example: a garbage man (that has free time for his hobbies- what a luxury!) who is expected in the morning by a lady with a cup of coffee and biscuits as if he were Santa Claus in flesh and bones. Well…it is highly probable that in Romania (but not only here, to be honest) Santa would receive a loud “You, jerk!” if the present wasn’t big enough or if he was late (like the garbage men are greeted in the film I made). Compare and contrast.

Happy Birthday, Matei!

“Do you want to come to my place and listen to Nirvana?”, I asked Matei, ten years ago.
“Ihi”, she answered.
“Look…this is my favorite song”, I said and I pressed play.
“Cool”, she answered.

Then we went out…and that was the moment I heard echoing through the whole block of flats this perfectly reproduced Nirvana song: Hmmm..The Melcus on the wall! na na na naaana…The Melcus on the wall…

Exactly four years ago, on 23rd June I went to the Depeche Mode concert (the best concert ever). And there I was, on Adi’s shoulders, exhilarated, singing along with Dave Grahan: I won’t give you mushrooms!! I won’t give you mushrooms!!

My point? When Melcus-on-the-wall meets I-won’t-give-you-mushrooms something beautiful happens.

La multi ani, Matei!

Here are the songs, maybe you want to hear them with this new perspective on the lyrics: