Happy Birthday, Matei!

“Do you want to come to my place and listen to Nirvana?”, I asked Matei, ten years ago.
“Ihi”, she answered.
“Look…this is my favorite song”, I said and I pressed play.
“Cool”, she answered.

Then we went out…and that was the moment I heard echoing through the whole block of flats this perfectly reproduced Nirvana song: Hmmm..The Melcus on the wall! na na na naaana…The Melcus on the wall…

Exactly four years ago, on 23rd June I went to the Depeche Mode concert (the best concert ever). And there I was, on Adi’s shoulders, exhilarated, singing along with Dave Grahan: I won’t give you mushrooms!! I won’t give you mushrooms!!

My point? When Melcus-on-the-wall meets I-won’t-give-you-mushrooms something beautiful happens.

La multi ani, Matei!

Here are the songs, maybe you want to hear them with this new perspective on the lyrics:


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