As if we have enough time…

This is an exercise I did at an workshop. A group exercise that made us unite our forces like in Captain Planet. Each person received one piece of paper with some letters. We could have drawn whatever we wanted to as long as we didn’t move the letters. Also the writing should have been visible. In the end, you can read: People should spend more time understanding design. Designers should spend more time understanding people. . There are also two rules written in the left corners of the page. These were supposed to be your theme in this case, and in general the rule of thumb for every designer with pedigree.

Now, if you want to spend more time understanding me, read further. I got: Communicate, don’t decorate. And I took it literally. A woman and a newspaper for which we can find a better use than decoration. Though, I don’t know if communication is the best solution.

And the second message is Start small and I thought about things that start small but end big, including the/my myopia.


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